Jessica Simpson Confirms She’s Having A Boy, Lets It Slip On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Jessica Simpson has made it official — she’s having a boy.

While appearing in Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer and actress let it slip that she fiance Eric Johnson are expecting a son — and she did so in typical Jessica Simpson fashion.

When Jimmy asked her how she was feeling in her second pregnancy, Jessica answered:”I never knew that a wiener could actually make me so nauseous.”

Realizing what she had done, Jessica Simpson laughed and covered her mouth with her hand.

“Wait … what did you intend to say there?” Kimmel asked her.

“Well, I guess I just told the whole world that I’m having a boy,” Simpson replied as she smiled.

As the audience clapped, Jessica Simpson said that it wasn’t that big of a secret. Her close family and friends already knew that she was having a boy.

Jessica Simpson had already dropped some hints about the sex of her second child. While appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Simpson seemed to hint that she was having a boy after Ellen asked her to pick either a boy’s or girl’s onesie for the little one.

When Jessica Simpson refused to pick one or the other, Ellen gave her the boy one and Jessica didn’t seem to refute it.

“Maybe I’ll take this one,” Jessica said. “If it’s a girl, she might call him bro.”

There was even another hint before that, when an unnamed source told Us Weekly that Jessica and Eric had a name picked out — Ace. Though that would seem to imply that they’re having a boy, the couple doesn’t seem too married to gender-specific names. After all, their daughter is named Maxwell Drew.

While Jessica Simpson is still a few months away from having her baby boy, the actress isn’t slowing down. She has been working with NBC to create a semi-autobiographical comedy.