September 1, 2019
Lea Michele Tantalizes Instagram With Pink Bikini

Broadway star and former Glee cast member Lea Michele has traded in the bright lights of Hollywood for the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises of Hawaii. The brunette bombshell is in Hawaii currently working on a project, and she has been keeping her 5.7 million Instagram followers updated — and drooling over the insane scenery she shares.

The beach babe has posed in front of a sunset with a flower tucked behind her ear, as well as on the beach sipping the water from a coconut. She has also shared several shots of the ocean and sky with her eager followers.

In her most recent snap, however, she switched the camera around and focused on herself rather than the landscape around her. Michele shared a selfie in a tiny pink bikini that left little to the imagination. She appeared to have taken the photo herself, as her arms were stretched out towards the camera. Her brunette locks were up in a messy bun, with small strands sticking out courtesy of the humidity, and she had a pair of sunglasses on to keep her eyes shielded from the sun's rays.

Michele appeared to be wearing little makeup in the picture, if any at all, and simply enjoying a fun day at the beach. The pink bikini she was rocking had a tie in the middle that highlighted her cleavage, and simple straps that went around her neck for a tantalizing vibe. Michele took the selfie in front of a bright yellow wall for a sunny shot that captures your attention immediately.

The brunette babe revealed in her caption that she was spending time in the North Shore area of Hawaii, and her fans loved the snap. The post received over 165,000 likes within just 15 hours, and her followers showered her with praise in the comments section.

"Gorgeous! Where's the new album my queen?" one fan said.

"You are an angel I have proofs and zero doubts," another remarked.

Another follower said, "wow how can you be so beautiful!?!?!"

Yet another fan complimented the color of the suit that Michele rocked in the photo, and said, "pink is great on you girl."

The actress hasn't revealed quite how long she'll be enjoying the sunshine in Hawaii, but based on her Instagram page, she's loving the warm weather and beach vibes. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if she shares any more glimpses behind the scenes and during her downtime while filming the movie, which will be a holiday flick entitled Same Time, Next Christmas.