Cardi B Spills Out Of Rainbow Look On Instagram

Rapper Cardi B isn't afraid to flaunt her voluptuous curves on Instagram for her 50.2 million followers. The rap queen frequently shares sizzling shots and even videos with her eager followers that showcase her personality -- and her ample assets.

Recently, Cardi had her fans stunned when she shared a raw, candid video about her days as a stripper and what makes her so special. The video quickly racked up over 5.7 million views, as Cardi told her followers all about why she was such a superstar. Shortly after the video was posted, Cardi also shared a sexy snap of herself in the outfit that she wore in the video -- and the look could barely contain her curves.

In the snap, Cardi had her hair curled and in a high half-up style, with rainbow beads dripping down her scalp and wrapped around her ponytail. Her makeup was neutral and glamorous, and she was gazing at her phone as she snapped a selfie in a mirror.

The look Cardi rocked had a half-turtleneck, bare shoulders, sleeves and a large cutout in the chest area that displayed some major cleavage. The entire look was crafted from rainbow fabric, and the bright shades looked gorgeous on Cardi.

Her followers absolutely loved the look, and the post received over 2.4 million likes within just 14 hours. She posted a sassy caption that had her fans laughing and showering her with compliments in the comment section.

"It's like you get prettier and prettier with every look," one follower stated.

Another couldn't get enough of her hair, and said "love love the hair."

"You killed it tonight," a third fan said.

"Baby you did your thing on the stage!!! Your performance was EVERYTHING!!" a fourth follower commented.

While Cardi continues to slay on the stage and stun crowds with her energetic performances, she recently ventured into another industry entirely -- film.

Cardi is one of the gorgeous women cast in the upcoming movie Hustlers. The rapper will star alongside actresses including Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Lili Reinhart. The casting team offered roles to a diverse set of people, however, and also cast other non-actresses, like Lizzo, in the film. Cardi wasn't the only singer and rapper to step on set for the project.

Fans will have to head to theatres to check out Cardi on the big screen, working the moves she refined back in her stripper days as she plays an exotic dancer onscreen alongside other talented actresses.