September 1, 2019
Chanel West Coast Debuts Sexy Swimsuit & New Video On Her Birthday

In case any of Chanel West Coast's 3.2 million Instagram followers forget, the singer has recently mentioned numerous times that she just dropped her new single and video for "Anchor."

Not only that but her upload on September 1 does even more to give credence to this multi-talented woman's most recent accomplishment. The still image, taken from her fresh video, shows the diverse artist wearing gigantic anchor earrings and an even bigger anchor pendant hanging around her neck.

Both are blingy, suggesting that things are good in Chanel West Coast's world. Today is probably extra special for her since September 1 is Chanel's birthday. She's now 31 and ready to sail into even deeper water than she has done to this point.

To take a look back at how this talent arrived at today's destiny, head over to Chanel's personal bio on I Am Chanel West Coast. Pegged with the more traditional name of Chelsea Chanel Dudley, Chanel was born in Los Angeles.

"You might recognize her as the sharp, sweet, and vivacious blonde from such hit MTV shows as Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factor and Ridiculousness -- but don't let that fool you. Chanel is a passionate musical artist with a true love and talent for self-expression. Couple that with her unique fashion sensibilities and ability to genuinely connect with people, and what you get is a force to be reckoned with."
Speaking of her fashion sense, her Sunday Instagram upload shows even more of Chanel than just her statement bling. The stunning woman rocks a daring swimsuit featuring a neckline that dips down to nearly her navel. She puts her bountiful breasts on show in sideboob splendor.

At the same time, the top of her toned legs is seen as she places her right arm on the mast of her sailboat and her left arm up to her dirty-blonde locks that have been styled in a way that evokes a vintage 1940s look.

Her Instagram fans ate up this new pic, with more than 26,000 followers liking the post within an hour of uploading.

Certain fans were so enamored of the image that they took to the comments section to offer what they were thinking.

"Slay," said one ardent fan while another stated, via emoji, that her new song is fire.

Another place Chanel "slayed" was in a closeup of even more of her "Anchor" ensemble, uploaded on Instagram on August 31.

This "force to be reckoned with" had worn a pair of shades that could not be more glamorous. The sunglasses are as super-sparkly as she is, and their cat-eye shape emitted the nostalgic feeling of Old Hollywood, the perfect way to celebrate the day she came into the world in the City of Angels.

Happy birthday, Chanel West Coast. Enjoy your 31st year on the planet.