September 1, 2019
Kim Kardashian Flooded With Thong Questions As SKIMS Bodysuit Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

Kim Kardashian has wasted no time promoting her new shapewear line. SKIMS may have gotten off to a rocky start by virtue of its original and controversial Kimono name, but the brand's revamped name seems to be going down well. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has already taken to her own Instagram to promote the clothing, although Kim has, of course, set SKIMS up with its own Instagram account.

Earlier today, Kim appeared in a photo posted to SKIMS' account. The image showed the 38-year-old flaunting her curves in a super-tight and strappy bodysuit that left little to the imagination. The star's ample cleavage and super-curvy hips were on show, with her full-frontal positioning accentuating the shapewear's effect. Low-frills photography seemed to follow the feel that Kim is known to adore, but the somewhat blurry finish wasn't hiding the KKW Beauty founder's famous assets.

Fan responses quickly came in. Comments varied from questions about sizing to shipping queries, although one inquiry did seem prominent. Within three hours of the post going live, Kim found herself flooded with questions regarding how the shapewear's rear is finished.

"Is the back a thong?" one fan asked.

"Is there gonna be one with a thong bottom?" was another comment.

"Is it a thong or a full bottom?" seemed to echo the sentiment.

It looks like SKIMS has hired itself a rapid-response team. The brand appeared to reply to many fan queries: those questioning the thonged nature of the apparel were informed that the Sculpting Bodysuit features full briefs. Sadly, no thong.

Despite SKIMS responding to upvoted thong comments, fans did seem to just keep on asking.

"Does it have a thong back and will you be shipping to the UK?" one user asked.

Thongs do, indeed, seem to be all the rage right now. Not a week goes by without a celebrity rocking one, with Hollywood seeming to show that the rear-flaunting look isn't just reserved for the Kardashian-Jenners. Model Emily Ratajkowski is renowned for rocking thonged bikinis, with singer Miley Cyrus also appearing to be a fan. Of course, famous lovers of the thonged look include Nicki Minaj, although the 36-year-old rapper rarely makes a headline that doesn't include her eye-popping wardrobe.SKIMS seems to be Kim's latest business venture. Given the success of her best-selling KKW Beauty line – and the family's business knack overall – it's safe to assume that the shapewear will net the star healthy profits.

Fans wishing to stay up-to-date on SKIMS' merch should follow the brand's Instagram.