September 1, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Anna's Return Is On The Horizon As Finola Hughes' First Air Date Is Revealed

Anna Devane has been away from Port Charles for months now and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she is about ready to return home. This cannot come quickly enough for fans who love Anna and Dr. Hamilton Finn together, since Hayden Barnes is back and perhaps getting a little too close to her former fiance.

According to SheKnows Soaps, actress Finola Hughes will be back onscreen beginning with the episode airing on Thursday, September 19. Viewers have seen Finn on the phone with Anna numerous times during her absence, and their contact has increased with Cassandra's existence causing issues again. However, Hughes herself hasn't been seen for some time now.

Now, General Hospital spoilers detail that Anna will finally be seen again later this month. It's not known yet whether she'll immediately be back in Port Charles or whether she might start being shown having calls with Finn or something of that nature. However, Finn will certainly have his hands full with Anna fully back in his orbit.

The fall previews from the new print edition of Soap Opera Digest tease that Finn will remain quite busy throughout the next few weeks. Sasha's illness continues to have him scrambling and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will become a bit suspicious of Hayden's presence in town.

Of course, viewers know that Hayden definitely is hiding something from Finn: their daughter. Over the next several weeks, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Finn will start to think that her return to Port Charles is propelled by something more than she's admitted and that her motive may well relate to him.

The Inquisitr recently shared that Hughes was back on the GH set filming, but this is the first that fans can embrace an actual onscreen return date. General Hospital spoilers detail that Robert will be keeping a close eye on Finn and Hayden until she's back, and viewers have already seen some of that.

Obviously, Anna being back in Port Charles will have a significant impact on Finn and Hayden. Finn has stayed dedicated to his fiancee, but there remains a pull between the doctor and Hayden that neither one of them can fully dismiss. At some point, Hayden will reveal the fact that the child he thought had died is alive and well, and this will surely draw him closer to Hayden again.

Fans have remained fairly torn over whether they want to see Finn with Anna or Hayden. Since Hayden is planning to stay in Port Charles now, viewers will be interested to see Finn juggling his relationships with both his current and his ex-fiancee.

Additional General Hospital spoilers hinting at what comes next will emerge over the next couple of weeks, and everybody will be anxious to see Finola Hughes back in the mix of things.