Top 5 Odd Gifts From Amazon On Labor Day

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The U.S. Department of Labor defines Labor Day as a “national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” With that in mind, what better way to celebrate one’s hard work and contribute to prosperity than by indulging in a gift to celebrate the end of summer.

While many may look toward scented candles or plaid printed blankets as their treat of choice, we’ve rounded up some new and awesome items that might not have been on your radar before, ranging from carb-heavy coziness to celeb-heavy cookbooks. All items are currently available for under $25, and all items are also available with Prime shipping.

So, without further ado, here is a list of our top five odds gifts from Amazon for Labor Day.

1. “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine” Socks

Labor Day heralds in the fall season, and there are few things better than curling up with some Netflix or a good book and some wine. For those hoping to have roommate or partner help with the latter, these cute socks are sure to get the message across. It is currently retailing for $9.95 via Amazon.

2. Kryone LEGO Build-On Brick Mug

For those who prefer coffee and tea over wine, there’s a gift for you too. A LEGO-compatible mug is sure to enthrall both kids and adults alike. Mornings can be tough, and this fun mug at least makes it a little bit better. It is currently $9.95 via Amazon.

3. The Burrito Blanket

Move over, mermaid tails. The new season means a new favorite blanket, and people are loving being wrapped up — literally — in the burrito blanket. It was even previously covered by The Inquisitr after fans made the product trend on Twitter. It can be yours for $24.80 via Amazon.

4. Snoop Dogg’s Cookbook

No, this isn’t a joke. Snoop Dogg created his own cookbook, hilariously titled From Crook To Cook, and it’s earned over 4.5 stars on Amazon. A favorite of Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg published recipes including Billionaire’s Bacon and Baked Mac & Cheese, perfect for fall weather. It is currently retailing for $13.12 on Amazon.

5. Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector

One reviewer claimed that this Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream locked “saved” her relationship, and she might not be kidding. This fun little present may seem like a gag gift, but it has real use, both with keeping any prying hands out of the ice cream, and helping those hoping to slim down. It can be purchased for $19.95 via Amazon.

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