September 1, 2019
WWE News: Former Tag Team Champions Discuss Their Unhappiness In The Company

When AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows came into WWE together, they had dreams of taking over the company and becoming huge stars, much like their time in New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of the Bullet Club faction beforehand. However, while Styles subsequently went on to climb the WWE ladder to score World Championship reigns and wrestle in countless main event matches, his comrades found themselves stuck in tag team limbo.

Per Wrestling Inc., while speaking to Lillian Garcia on her Chasing Glory podcast, the former tag team champions revealed that their spot in WWE was making them miserable. On top of that, Anderson admitted that it took its toll on their friendship with Styles.

"We were miserable. [Styles] would want to ride with us but we would kind of blow him off. We blew him off purposely because we didn't want him to listen to us complain. Because every ride -- I don't know if it was healthy or unhealthy -- but every ride we were riding, we were p***ed."
Gallows elaborated by saying that their misery and anxiety affected every part of their lives -- from their work lives to their personal ones -- and for a while they were adamant that they'd be leaving WWE after their contracts expired.
"Every single day of our life, whether we were at work, on the road, or at our homes, we were talking to each other about where we were going when we leave, our outside contracts, and everything else, because we were miserable."
Their fortunes appear to have changed in recent months at least. As reported by The Inquisitr earlier this year, Anderson and Gallows recently signed new long-term contracts with the company that will keep them employed for years to come. In addition to their new deals, they've also reformed their faction with Styles and participated in some notable storylines as a result.
It hasn't all been smooth sailing, however. While their position in the company has been much more prominent lately, the group has still experienced some hiccups due to WWE's inconsistent booking and storyline habits. As noted by The Inquisitr, they were recently buried by the retired D-Generation X and The Kliq factions on the recent Raw Reunion episode.

In the interview, Styles admitted to feeling guilty because his friends hadn't enjoyed the same success as he had, despite him promising that they would when they all joined the company. He also discussed his plans to retire when his current contract expires, as he wants to spend more time with his family.