September 1, 2019
'Big Brother' 21: Jackson Michie And Holly Allen's Showmance Crumbles Over Name Calling

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

There's trouble in paradise in the Big Brother house. Sometimes showmances work out for the better and succeed when the show is over, and other times they implode before the game even concludes. For now, it looks like Jackson Michie and Holly Allen's showmance is in shambles after a comment that was made when the live feeds were down. There's been a lot of speculation about what happened between the couple, and it looks like it all started when Holly called Jackson an "a**hole" right before the Veto competition.

Twitter account @BB_Updates caught all of the argument that ensued after the feeds went live again. Holly appeared to be frustrated with Jackson because he walked past her in the morning and didn't speak to her, which caused her to call him the name. This really upset Jackson, to the point that he kicked her out of the Head of Household (HOH) bedroom for the rest of the week.

"Am I calling you a f***ing bitch? No. I care about you too much. Don't tell me to knock it off. That is only going to make me more pissed off. I'm going to feel the way that I feel about the way you talked to me this morning whether you want me to or not," Jackson said to Holly.

Holly Allen competes on Big Brother
CBS | Sonja Flemming

"If you can talk to me like that on national television when the only stresses we have are this game, what's going to happen if we get out of here and there is real-life stresses?" he later asked her.

Jackson appears to be worried about how the world will perceive him after the show is over, and he doesn't feel like Holly's comment is helping his image. The Tennessean has already expressed he is worried about perceptions after production spoke to him earlier in the season for some inappropriate comments he had made.

Later in the evening, Jackson told Holly she might as well sleep in the HOH bedroom to keep up appearances so things didn't seem weird in the house. Holly had already made up a bed downstairs, and Jackson told her to "take it or leave it" when it came to his offer.

The other houseguests have become privy to what's been going on, and it looks like most of the house is siding with Holly. Cliff Hogg referred to Jackson as a "frat boy" while Christie Murphy also called him a "f***er."

The feeds have still been down since last night, and there is no update on their relationship as of Sunday afternoon.

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.