September 1, 2019
'Days Of Our Lives' Fall Spoilers: Victor Orders Ben To Be Killed

Days of Our Lives fall spoilers reveal that there could be yet another shocking death coming to Salem, and it could mean the end for the fan favorite character, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), if Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) gets his way.

Celebrating The Soaps reports that Victor will order a hit on Ben because he wants to get rid of him. Ben is currently the right-hand man of Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). Stefan is Victor's biggest business competition, but it seems unclear about why Vic would want to kill Ben.

It could be because Ben, who is a reformed serial killer, is dating Victor's granddaughter Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal). It could also be that Ben will help Stefan get ahead in the business world that Victor's trying to conquer.

Victor has also recently lost his favorite employee, Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), who left his company Titan to become the CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

The move isn't shocking when fans consider the devious and cruel things that Victor has done in the past to get what he wants. Although the Kiriakis patriarch had seemingly settled down in his older age, it looks like he'll prove he's still as ruthless as ever when he decides that Ben has to be eliminated.

Back in 2017 John Aniston finally got nominated for an Emmy after nearly 50 years in the soap opera business. He spoke to TV Insider about playing Victor. He said the character keeps him on his toes and he loves that the old man fires off zingers and brings a comedic aspect to the soap.

"Victor is just your everyday lovable killer. When he started out he even had two hit men on the payroll—and one of them was Patch Johnson (Stephen Nichols), who's still on the show today. Of course, it helps that the writers give me lines that are real gems. My favorite was when evil Eve (Kassie DePaiva) suddenly came back to town and showed up at Victor's door. He took one look at her, turned around and said, 'Anyone order a hooker?' You can't go wrong with good lines—or, if you do, it's your own fault," John stated.

During the interview, he was also asked about his famous daughter, Jennifer Aniston. The actor says that he's proud of his girl and that he taught her everything she knows.

Fans can see more of Victor Kiriakis by watching Days of Our Lives weekday afternoons on NBC.