September 1, 2019
Investigation Into Princess Diana's Death Must Be Reopened After Missing Key Details, Famed Investigator Says

The investigation into Princess Diana's death was botched by missing key details and must be re-opened, a famed investigator is saying on the 22nd anniversary of her death.

Colin McLaren, a former homicide detective turned crime writer and documentary filmmaker, said in a yet-to-be-released podcast that he believes the investigation into Princess Diana's death should be reopened because of the missteps that investigators made the first time around. As he said in an interview with Us Weekly (via InTouch Weekly), authorities in France refused to answer some major lingering questions about her death, leading him to track down the driver of the second car he believes was involved in her fatal crash.

McLaren said he found that the car had damage which had never been inspected by police, which he said could point to a cover-up.

Doing more digging, McLaren said he found even more questions about the crime scene that contradicted the official story of her death. This included skid marks on the road showing that two cars were involved, with more marks on a retaining wall showing that Princess Diana's car had become airborne.

"And on it went, one forensic fact after another, this was no ordinary car accident," McLaren said. "An unknown play of two or more cars had been involved and the French cops seemed to have missed it all."

With all of the missing puzzle pieces coming sharper into view, McLaren said that authorities must re-open the investigation into Princess Diana's death.

McLaren is not the only person who continues to raise questions about how Princess Diana died, more than two decades after her fatal car crash. Back in May, the Daily Express published an account of an American couple who claimed they saw two dark cars stop in front of her crashed Mercedes, which has never been explained by investigators.

The mysterious sighting led the couple to believe that there may have been some kind of foul play involved, and they said it left them fearful for their lives.

"I think the crash was a royal thing and other forces were involved," said witness Jack Firestone. "Something bad could still happen to us. There are enough nuts out there who may try to silence us."

The anniversary of Princess Diana's death has often brought new stories about her fatal crash and the circumstances of her final months, as she moved on from her marriage to Prince Charles and sparked a new romance.