‘The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2′ Cast Salaries Revealed

Cast of The Challenge Season 34 posing for hero photo.

MTV’s reality game series, The Challenge, has been one of the network’s longest-running television shows, debuting on the network in 1998. The show is currently hosted by T. J. Lavin and is in its thirty-fourth season. Season 34 has been dubbed The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 and features social media and reality stars from America competing against social media and reality stars from the United Kingdom to win a huge cash prize.

In addition to the cash prize awarded to the winner of the entire competition, the participating cast is also paid per episode, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.

While everyone gets paid to be on The Challenge, not everyone’s take-home check is equal. It seems popular veteran challengers can often take home over $80,000 for the season while less popular veterans will make around $3,000 to $5,000 per week. As for the rookies, new challengers can expect to bank around $1,000 a week.

“It’s a tiered system where people who’ve been on [before] are paid more money than people who are just starting the franchise, but everybody receives a weekly stipend,” showrunner Justin Booth told Entertainment Weekly.

This money is then added to the challenger’s share of the prize money at the end, should they be the eventual winner. Booth also shared some behind-the-scenes information, including the fact that alcohol is now limited for cast members.

“When I first started some 15 years ago, the cast was allowed to drink as much as they wanted,” he explained. “But after one too many fights, we did away with tequila shots, and brown liquor was eradicated.”

“I’m probably one of the main reasons we can’t have whiskey in the house,” Chris “CT” Tamburello added. “The Challenge in the past was more about a party. Now, it’s evolved into an action movie. You can’t screw around or someone could get seriously hurt.”

Players are actually fined for showing up drunk to challenges and are likely to be removed from the show due to the liability associated with doing dangerous stunts while not in full possession of one’s faculties. Additionally, Booth boasted about the season’s new eco-friendly initiative, which included having the show’s cast and crew switch to Under Armour water bottles instead of using regular plastic bottles.

The winners for this season have already been revealed, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

As the weeks go on, both teams will dwindle down to four players each. These two teams of four will then compete for the grand prize. Team U.S.A.’s final team is made up of Paulie Calafiore, Cara Maria Sorbello, Zach Nichols, and Natalie “Ninja” Duran. On the other side, there is Rogan O’Connor, Dee Ngyuen, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and Jordan Wiseley, for Team U.K.

According to The Challenge Vevmo page, Team U.K. is expected to take home the victory this season.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs on Wednesdays on MTV.