September 1, 2019
WWE News: Former Champ Blames The New Day For Making WWE Tag Division An 'Embarrassment'

In just a couple of weeks, WWE will present its next pay-per-view in Clash of Champions, which will have virtually every title on the line. The Inquisitr reported that a new match was added on Saturday, and it will be an inter-brand match between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Things are already heating up for that title match as Scott Dawson of The Revival is blaming The New Day for making an "embarrassment" of WWE's tag team division.

For the last couple of weeks, The Revival and The New Day have had words with one another, and the extreme dislike is obvious. Along with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods have had to fend off Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, and Randy Orton in what has become a pretty good storyline.

On Saturday, the match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship was confirmed for the PPV as The New Day will defend against The Revival. It took barely any time at all for the rivalry to heat up and for both teams to begin taking shots at each other on social media.

There has been a lot of criticism from fans and wrestling websites in the last couple of years, and it has to do with WWE's tag team division. Some feel as if it doesn't receive enough attention and has even been a joke at times.

Dawson took to his personal Twitter account and chose to put all of the blame solely on The New Day. Well, he also chose to rip on the fans in true heel fashion and place some of the responsibility on their shoulders.

There have been rumors from earlier this year that The Revival turned down big contract offers from WWE and that they would leave after their current deals expire. Along with those rumors, the speculation continued with the idea that they would eventually end up with All Elite Wrestling.

Both Dawson and Wilder have often teased hints at jumping to AEW, and that may be what is insinuated here with the "7 figure dent in my bank account." The New Day wasn't going to just let shots be fired, though, and Big E chose to crack back.

Of course, there may be nothing more behind this battle of words on Twitter than furthering the feud and building up the title match. The New Day are one of the most popular tag teams ever in WWE, and hardcore wrestling fans also love The Revival, so this is a great match. Having guys like Dawson and Big E taking shots at one another on Twitter is just one more great way for buzz over the Clash of Champions bout to get bigger.