September 1, 2019
Justin Bieber Sparks Drug Fears In Bizarre Sprouse Twins Instagram Pic

Justin Bieber has sparked concern. The "Sorry" singer has made two unusual Instagram updates in the past 24 hours: while one photo revealed that the 25-year-old is related to singer Avril Lavigne and showed genetic links to another celebrity, another snap saw the singing sensation attempt to assert a facial resemblance to the famous Sprouse twins. Justin's update featured childhood photos of himself alongside images of Dylan and Cole Sprouse. With an out-of-the-blue feel and a response that seemed very mixed indeed, it's fair to say that the update was erring on the bizarre side.

Fan responses have been pouring in since Justin posted the photo 13 hours ago. While many appeared pumped and seemed to see a resemblance, a marked number of replies expressed one of two things: the Canadian either found himself slammed or sparking concern that he might be using drugs.

"You okay Justin? You smoking again" was a comment racking up over 1,220 likes. It also launched over 44 replies.

"That's what I thought," a fan replied.

Concerns for the star's well-being and questioning whether or not he might have been under the influence when posting the update showed up amid the thousands of comments left by fans.

"I think he doing drugs again," one fan wrote with others agreeing.

"Justin what's wrong?" one user asked.

"JUSTIN WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU ON we all want to know!!" was a comment that could be interpreted in various ways, but it nonetheless followed the pattern.

A significant number of fans also seemed to feel that there was no resemblance.

"Absolutely no," one fan replied with 425 users upvoting the comment.

"Don't ever disrespect the Sprouse twins like that again" also proved popular, with over 296 fans giving the comment a like.

To be fair, Justin had taken to his caption specifically with a call for feedback. While many celebrities will post images suggesting a concept that could generate a negative response, not that many are brave enough to ask fans to give it either the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down. As to the substance abuse worries, the sheer amount of upvotes to the "smoking" question seemed proof that the singer's fans were, indeed, a touch concerned.Justin has made no secret of his battle with drugs. Speaking to Vogue with wife Hailey Baldwin, the star referenced his substance abuse, with mentions of his security needing to check his pulse at times. The words very much seemed to be referencing the past, though. With a solid-looking marriage and a faith-based philosophy that's showcasing Justin's religious side, fans would likely agree that Bieber is doing better these days.

Nonetheless, it looks like this update sparked concern.