September 1, 2019
Jenelle Evans Posts Picture From Wedding Date With Her Husband, Fans Think They Spot A Baby Bump

Jenelle Evans is sparking a new round of pregnancy rumors after sharing a picture from a wedding date with her husband and showing off what some fans think is a baby bump.

The former MTV reality television star posted a series of pictures early on Sunday from her family's outing to a wedding this weekend. The Instagram snaps sparked some immediate interest among fans who thought that Jenelle may have been sporting a baby bump. The comment section for the post filled up with fans speculating that the Teen Mom star could be on her way to being a mom for the fourth time.

Many weren't happy about it.

"Another baby bump?? Dear lord find another hobby girl!" one person wrote.

"She looks pregnant," another commented.

Jenelle Evans has already sparked controversy with Teen Mom fans after a summer filled with drama. She and husband David Eason had their kids temporarily taken away after claims that David shot and killed the family dog for biting his daughter. Police investigated the claim, leading to allegations that Jenelle was making up the incident in order to get attention, and the couple saw some significant consequences. Aside from losing custody of their kids for several weeks, the pair also lost out on a major source of income after MTV fired Jenelle from the cast of Teen Mom 2.

Many fans have taken to Jenelle's Instagram page to vent their frustration with her behavior. As The Inquisitr noted, many criticized Jenelle after posting a picture of David with the family's pet chickens, wondering why he would be allowed to be around animals after he had allegedly killed the family dog. Others called out Jenelle herself for staying with David after the alleged violent incident.

A number of fans criticized Jenelle again after seeing what they thought to be a baby bump in the picture, calling out the reality television star for adding to the family when they already have enough issues to sort out.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that fans have speculated that Jenelle Evans is showing off a baby bump. As The Inquisitr reported, fans also thought they spotted a baby bump from a picture she had posted back in December.

Amid the latest round of pregnancy rumors hitting Jenelle Evans, some stepped forward to defend the MTV star, calling out people who speculated about a pregnancy based only on an Instagram photo.