Lisa Rinna Slammed In Bikini & Cowboy Hat Dancing To Billie Eilish, Instagram Embarrassed For Her

Some things only Lisa Rinna will do. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has returned to Instagram for a second round of Billie Eilish jamming -- as The Inquisitr reported back in July, the 56-year-old took to the platform to work her stuff to the singer-songwriter's tunes. It seems last night's dance party wasn't much different. Lisa's jam-out session came complete with a tiny bikini, a cowboy hat, and a reminder that this ripped celebrity has a bikini body that's worth looking at. Fan comments to last night's video have proven to be very mixed, though.

" something else other than dancing in a bikini...getting old" was a comment racking up over 140 likes.

"These posts are getting a little embarrassing, self-love overload," a second fan wrote, with over 210 others upvoting the comment.

"Omg enough already we know you love to dance," a third fan stated with what seemed to be a little exasperation.

While not all the responses were slamming, it did appear that the most upvoted replies were seeing fans give the mother of two the thumbs-down.

"Beautiful person, but sad you need this much attention. You're better than this, and have been a role model for your girls. Please think twice," a fourth commenter told the star.

Lisa was also told that her 56 years placed her as too advanced in years to be dancing around in a bikini, with another fan stating that the video was like a "car wreck" they couldn't stop watching.

While the backlash was significant, it didn't entirely dominate the comments section. Positive words were left by fans who thought Lisa had nailed her video, with Kelly Ripa popping her head in to leave some upbeat words. Beady-eyed fans will have noticed that the Live! with Kelly and Ryan host commented on Lisa's last Billie Eilish jam-out -- clearly, the 48-year-old is a fan. The video itself racked up over 350,000 views in the space of 11 hours.Lisa has been in the news of late for more than just her dancing. The star has reached the college send-off phase of her life with daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin: the 18-year-old will be taking up her studies in New York City, many miles from her Beverly Hills home. Last month, Lisa flew out to the Big Apple to help settle Amelia in, with social media updates suggesting that her youngest child will be much missed. For Lisa, parting with her daughter likely comes with a level of worry: Amelia is in recovery from anorexia nervosa, although her path to health seems a steady one.

While Amelia didn't leave last night's video a like, Lisa's other daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, did.