September 1, 2019
Instagram Model Pamela Alexandra Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Her Curves In See-Through Lingerie

Pamela Alexandra is giving her fans plenty to see in her latest racy Instagram snap.

The plus-size model showed off all her curves in an Instagram picture where she rocked a set of see-through lingerie. Pamela sat at a glass-top table, stared into the camera, and offered a hypothetical scenario for her 2.3 million followers to ponder.

"I don't care if my man wants to go out with his boys... love you, be safe and bye," she wrote. "I'll just be be here like [laughing crying emoji]."

The fans who commented seemed to be near-unanimous that they would not leave the lingerie-clad bombshell alone to go out.

"You know what... I think I'll stay home tonight lol," one person commented.

"'Fellas my stomach hurtin' then slams the door!" another offered.

Pamela has amassed a huge following of very devoted fans thanks to her penchant for posting revealing photos of herself on the social media site. The model frequently uses her Instagram feed to show off her curvy physique, giving followers a glimpse of her frame that doesn't conform to the once-rigid standards of the beauty industry. Pamela has curves, and shows them off proudly in her snaps.

For that, fans seem to love her. Pamela's pictures regularly get big reactions from fans, racking up tens of thousands of likes and sparking some viral interest even outside of Instagram.

It's quite a lucrative niche that Pamela seems to have found. The model's Instagram feed is filled with sponsored posts as she shows off some top fashion and swimwear brands, likely earning herself a very nice income. As online marketing firm DigiDay reported, Instagram influencers can make very good money showing off products to their followers, especially when they've got a fan base as big as Pamela's. The firm, and other social media industry experts, say influencers can generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers with sponsored posts. Due to the number of followers Pamela has, she is likely making around $20,000 for each of her posts.

There are some secondary benefits to being a popular Instagram model as well. As Pamela's followers know, the curvy model is frequently on the move to different sun-soaked locations around the globe. The racy pictures she has shared this week come from a trip to Italy's Riccione region, renowned for its beaches and nightlife. Over the course of this summer she has also traveled to Brazil, Switzerland, Miami, and made another trip to Italy.

Those who want to see more from Pamela Alexandra can check out her Instagram feed.