September 1, 2019
George Michael's Ex, Fadi Fawaz Kicked Out Of Singer's Mansion & Reportedly Living In Travelodge

The battle over Wham! singer George Michael's Regent's Park mansion seems to be over for now as his former lover, Fadi Fawaz, has been kicked out and is reportedly residing in a Covent Garden Travelodge.

Daily Mail shared that Fawaz has been living in a £49-a-night (approximately $60 in the U.S.) low-end motel after Michael's family had him removed from the ritzy mansion after an incident last month. Fawaz, a now allegedly unemployed hairdresser, was Michael's live-in boyfriend at the time of his death, but was left nothing in the singer's will, seeming to leave him in a bind.

The singer's sisters, who are the recipients of the estate, mounted a legal battle to have the Lebanese Fawaz removed from the property after complaints from neighbors led to the discovery of "significant" damage inside the luxury home.

A reporter claims to have approached Fawaz, who is said to only leave the motel room for cigarettes or when housekeeping needs to tidy up, and the man denied that that's who he is.

"I'm not Fadi. Sorry to disappoint you. It's so tragic what happened to George. It's a terrible loss. But I don't really know him. In fact I've never met him."
Fawaz also claims not to be living at the motel, but says he just stops in to "charge his mobile phone."

According to The Inquisitr, George Michael's ex had been squatting in the singer's mansion since his untimely death on Christmas of 2016. Though sources say the Wham! member's family wanted him out, they did not make a move until neighbors reported that he was breaking windows and keeping odd hours, like a "vampire recluse."

Mutual friends claim that Fawaz is still upset that the singer left him nothing in his will, and had told them that the only way he was leaving the property was in a "pine box." They say that Fadi believed he had a right to continue living in the home where he resided with Michael.

"Fadi was left nothing in the will but seems to think he has a right to the home. He's effectively squatting and basically says they'll have to take him out in a coffin."
When George Michael died suddenly in 2016, it was Fawaz who found the singer's body, and surmised that the performer had taken his own life, which proved to be untrue in the coroner's inquest. In fact, Michael's death was due to a heart condition, cardiomyopathy.