September 1, 2019
Viki Odintcova Gets Drenched In White Shirt & No Bra In A Pool

Viki Odintcova was spotted on social media several days ago, and she rocked a super revealing look. The photo is NSFW and cannot be shared here, but you can check it out on Mavrin's Instagram page.

What made the photo so revealing is that Viki went braless under a white shirt. Not only that, she was completely drenched, which meant that she left little to the imagination.

The photo showed her pushing herself up on the edge of a pool. Most of her body was out of the water, as the white top clung to her curves. She sported a pair of thong bikini bottoms, and wore her hair down.

At the same time, Odintcova threw her head back and closed her eyes. She smiled for the shot, as her tattoo on her right arm was visible.

In the backdrop, fans could see a chair, and a room with a lamp. And next to Viki and the pool, there was a rectangular area filled with rocks.

Fans seemed to love the photo, and left tons of nice compliments in the comments section. This included messages that referenced the water.

"Thanks water for this photo," joked a fan.

"I love the work of @mavrin Always with a lot of water @reinierpro1 what do you prefer water or fire?" noted another fan.

In addition, there were plenty of short and sweet comments.

"Sexiest pic of the day," declared a follower.

"A dream.... just a dream!" exclaimed another follower.

"So f*cking hot," said a fan.

"This is dope. The lighting is perfect," commented an Instagram user.

"Please @mavrin tell us there are more pics from this shoot, and maybe a video too," asked a fan.

For now, it doesn't appear that Mavrin has released more photos from the shoot, but fans can hope for more images soon.

And that's not to mention all of the other fans that left their own, unique messages.

"You are perfect defination [sic] of bombshell," said a fan.

"How beautiful, speechless," said another fan.

"She is really nice," noted a follower.

"Simply breathtakingly pretty lady," added another follower.

"Your absolutely amazing hot wow. Perfect," said an Instagram user.

One fan, in particular, seemed to really like the photo.

"WT*!!!! This seriously just effed up my head! Ridiculously freaking sexy!" they exclaimed.

Besides the comments, it's clear that the photo was a hit among fans, garnering over 71,000 likes in the past four days.