September 1, 2019
Winnie Harlow Gets Flirty In Swimwear

Winnie Harlow was spotted on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit Instagram feed yesterday. It was a video of the model, as she posed in a couple of different types of swimwear.

The video started off with the model in a gold ensemble, as she posed on her hands and knees at the beach. She wore her hair down, and gave sultry looks. The video then cut to her rocking a one-piece. The swimsuit was white with a high cut on the bottom and thin straps on top. Harlow was spotted posing with her left shoulder facing the camera, as she popped out her derriere and tugged at the straps.

At the end of the clip, Winnie gave a quick kiss for the camera.

The video clip has been watched over 39,000 times so far.

In other news, Winnie has been busy keeping her fans updated on her personal Instagram. One of her recent posts showed her rocking an impressive pair of boots.

This update has received over 116,000 likes so far.

The model sat on a countertop in what appears to be a dressing room. She wore a black-and-white ensemble, which included a hat and matching shirt with newsprint design. The top also incorporated orange embroidery.

In the first photo of the set, Harlow sat with her legs on the counter, as she showed off her black boots. They were glossy and had a black animal-print, which contrasted with the gold jewelry that she wore.

The model smiled widely, and also rocked a pair of small sunglasses that she perched at the edge of her nose. She also accessorized with large, circular earrings and wore pink, glossy lipstick with dark red lip liner.

Previously, Winnie opened up to Grazia Daily about her perceptions on modeling and what her career means to her.

"I'm breaking boundaries, but I definitely don't want to be called a role model. I'm just me. I live every day as myself. I make mistakes, I swear a lot. I'm just a young woman living my life, and if people find something in that that's inspirational, then I'm happy," she explained.

Harlow also talked about her skin.

"The only reason I didn't like my skin is because I was told that it wasn't what's right, or I was told it wasn't normal. But who's to say that? Eventually I learned that my opinion of myself matters so much more than anyone else's," she said.