The Estranged Husband Of Missing Mother Of Five Jennifer Dulos Is Legally Going After Her 85-Year-Old Mother

Just about everyone has heard about the complex case involving the missing 50-year-old mother of five from Connecticut, Jennifer Dulos. Jennifer has five children ranging in age from 8-years-old to 13-years-old and was reported as a missing person on May 24. She was last seen dropping off her kids at school. The primary suspect in the case is her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis. Fotis and Jennifer were in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle at the time of her disappearance, according to The Advocate.

Fotis and his girlfriend were arrested after they were reportedly caught on video surveillance the night that Jennifer went missing engaging in suspicious activity. They were dropping various trash bags into dumpsters around town. The bags were later determined to have Jennifer's bloody clothes in them. The pair were arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and interfering with the investigation. They have both pleaded not guilty and are currently out on bail. In the meantime, Fotis has not been allowed to see any of his children. The kids are currently living with Jennifer's 85-year-old mother Gloria Farber, who currently has custody of the children, in New York City.

Fotis is doing anything he can to regain access to his children and is now attacking the mental health of Farber. His attorneys have said that Farber was reportedly paying exorbitant amounts of money a month to help Jennifer fight Fotis and gain custody of the children.

"This pathology should also be explored in the course of the (psychological) evaluation and its potential impact on the children," Fotis' attorney Rich Rochlin said of Farber's mental state.

Rochlin has accused Farber of making "scurrilous remarks about Mr. Dulos in unrelated civil proceedings," and has filed a motion requesting that the state of Farber's mental health be evaluated. The goal of this would be to reevaluate Farber's ability to act as a primary caregiver for the five children and potentially allow Fotis some access to his children again.

It would be unlikely for Fotis to regain full custody of the children at this time, as he is still being treated as a primary suspect in this matter as Jennifer remains missing.

While Jennifer's family and friends remain hopeful that she will return home safely someday, this appears less and less likely. On the night that she disappeared, her blood was found splattered on her garage floor. If she did survive the apparent attack, it would be with grave injuries.