August 31, 2019
Candice Swanepoel Grabs Bare Chest On Instagram

Candice Swanepoel shared a series of six photos in a recent Instagram update, and it has fans talking.

The first and last photos of the set were unlike the rest, as it featured black-and-white shots. They were similar and showed Candice wearing glamorous makeup and standing in front of elegant lighting. She also appeared to be topless, as she grabbed her bare chest with her right hand.

The first photo showed Candice looking to her left, while she gave a coy look at the camera in the final photo.

The rest of the photoset revealed Candice's makeup in color, along with the outfit that she wore. Her makeup included a light lipstick in a red tone with peach hues, which she outlined with lip liner. She also wore dark eyeliner and mascara.

Swanepoel also accessorized with a couple of eye-catching pieces. This included a thick, gold necklace that mimicked a watch. She also wore circular earrings.

Other images from the set showed off Candice's look, which was a blue-and-white pinstriped dress.

The photoset received a ton of comments from fans. This included a message from Gigi Hadid, whose comment was liked over 1,000 times.

"Ya killing me this week Candi," said Hadid.

"Love this friendship... Gigi has a beautiful and pure heart I love u," said a fan.

It's no surprise that Gigi looks up to Candice, as she's often seen sharing compliments in the comments section. Also in the past, Hadid has talked about how Swanepoel is one of the models that inspired her from a young age.

In other news, there were plenty of other followers that left nice compliments.

"It's insane how stunning you are," said a fan.

"Super elegant and beautiful," said another fan.

"Slaying as a queen," said a follower.

"Candy - you da Queeen. Peroid," declared another follower.

But that wasn't all, as other people piled on the compliments.

"So sexy lips you have!" exclaimed a fan.

"I just love this outfit," noted another fan.

"You were one of my first fave Victoria's Secret models," said a follower.

But even so, there were some haters that snuck into the comments section.

"Less is more. Wear less make up," suggested a fan.

"You werent serious with that red carpet outfit, weren't you?" asked another fan.

There were plenty of fans to outweigh the negative comments, however.

"Okay mama we get it," said a follower.

"A royal goddess, more beautiful and feminine everyday," said another follower.

"Prettiest woman alive!" exclaimed an Instagram user.