August 31, 2019
Bethenny Frankel Glows At 48-Years-Old In Tiny Bikini

Bethenny Frankel shared a new bikini pic with her Instagram fans today, and she proved once again that she looks as fabulous as ever at 48-years-old.

The photo showed her aboard a boat, as she sat on a cushioned seat. She wore a colorful bikini with purple, black, and yellow accents. The design appeared to be a mix of snakeskin and a graphic sequence of squares.

Frankel completed her look with a straw hat, aviator sunglasses, and multiple necklaces. Both necklaces were gold, and one of them featured charms including a wishbone and what appears to be a four-leaf clover. Bethenny also wore multiple bracelets on her wrists, along with rings.

She smiled for the shot and placed her left arm casually on the side of the seat. The seat was black with white stripes throughout.

The update wasn't geotagged, but it's been liked over 27,000 times so far.

The comments section of the photo were flooded with a mix of messages. There were, of course, a ton of people who complimented Bethenny's good looks.

"You look so good! I am so happy for you!" said a fan.

"Wish I could look a tenth you do now I'm turning 49 I feel it's never going to happen.... Any secrets you'll want to share with me?!!" asked another fan.

But with that being said, most of the comments centered around her departure from RHONY.

"Very proud and happy for you! Will miss you on RHONY but I get it and will look for you elsewhere. Be happy and keep doing you, Girlie!" said a follower.

"Bethenny I love seeing the pictures of you and your daughter having fun around the house and cooking. You seemed so relax now. Glad your off the show because at times it toxic and you don't need that," added another follower.

It's difficult to know which photos the follower was referring to, but Bethenny did share an Instagram photo of herself and her daughter recently. It showed the duo from the back, as they held hands and wore dresses.

Frankel sported a bright, yellow dress while her daughter wore a white dress. Her daughter also notably had purple hair.

Besides RHONY, Bethenny has made appearances on Shark Tank in the past. And of course, she's also busy working as an entrepreneur.

While fans will have to see if they'll be able to catch Frankel on TV anytime soon, they can at least follower her on Instagram.