August 31, 2019
Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Toned Bod In Tight Workout Gear

Vanessa Hudgens shared a brand new Instagram photo today from the gym. And she noted in the captions that she was promoting a Spotify playlist for Halloween.

The photo showed her standing by a workout station, as she wore a pair of high-waisted, black leggings and a sports bra. The bra was black, red, and white.

Hudgens was spotted looking down at her phone, as she smiled with her lips closed. She also wore her hair down in a middle part.

Her toned midriff was visible, and she looked very toned in the shot.

On the left side of the photo, fans could see a large video camera on a tripod.

Vanessa's fans were stumped by the captions of the photo, however, as she referred to a Halloween playlist but didn't share a link. It's possible that she was merely sharing the moment that the ad was being shot, so people may have to sit tight a bit longer.

"Spotify link to your playlist?? Please," asked a fan.

"What's the name of your playlist??? I wanna get spooky," added another fan.

But at the same time, there were lots of people that seemed confused at the timing.

"(Umm, it's a tad early). ;-)," said a follower.

"Lol you like Halloween that much?!" asked another follower.

However, many of Vanessa's fans came to her rescue.

"Its never too early!!" declared a fan.

"Yesss I'm on the same energy!!!" said another fan.

"Best time of the year," added a follower.

"You do you and listen to that Halloween music," encouraged an Instagram user.

"Do you like scary movies," asked a fan.

At the same time, not everyone was on the same page.

"Christmas was always my favorite holiday," noted a fan, who seems to be looking forward to that more than Halloween.

That's not to mention all the fans that left compliments that had nothing to do with the holiday.

"Omg ur so pretty," said a fan.

"I LOVE YOU SAY IT BACK," said another fan.

"You the baddest woman on earth!!" declared a follower.

And while most people seemed to forget the actual photo, which showed Hudgens at the gym, one fan in particular thanked her.

"Thank you Vanessa for motivating me to work out again!!! Im already seeing results!!" said a fan.

It's no surprise to fans that Vanessa would be looking forward to Halloween, as she makes it known that it's one of her favorite holidays. We'll just have to wait and see what she ends up dressing up as, but that will be in two months.