August 31, 2019
Wendy Williams Pokes Fun At Her 'Uneven' Cleavage In New Snap With Her Son

Wendy Williams recently took a trip to Miami, Florida, and she documented some of the fun on social media. In one photo, she's seen sitting next to her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., as she spills out of a skimpy dress.

In the photo posted to Wendy's Instagram account on Saturday, the talk show host is seen sitting in front of a pink mural as she relaxes on a couch with her son and her nephew. Williams turns her head away from the camera to look lovingly at her son as she rests her hands on the knees of both young men.

Wendy donned a very low cut black dress with a black jacket over top in the snapshot. The ensemble flaunted her massive cleavage, which she jokes about being "uneven" in the caption of the picture.

Williams had her long, blond hair parted down the middle and styled in loose curls that fell around her shoulders and rocked a diamond chain around her neck, as well as a huge diamond ring on her finger.

Wendy's son, Kevin, wore a pair of jeans and a black, short-sleeved T-shirt, while her nephew wore gray jeans and a black shirt, and had a silver chain dangling around his neck.

As many fans know, it has been a crazy year for Wendy, who has had a lot of personal issues to overcome. Earlier this year, she had to miss time from her talk show due to health reasons. She then admitted to her audience that she was living in a sober house because of some addiction issues.

Not long after that, Williams filed for divorce from her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., after months of rumors that he had been cheating on her and had even gotten his mistress pregnant.

After the divorce filing, Wendy revealed that the rumors were true, and that Kevin and his mistress did have a baby together, which is something that she couldn't stand for.

"Kevin had a major indiscretion that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. An indiscretion that I will not deal with. He will always be my family, because we have a 19-year-old son, and we were together for 25 years and married for 21. But there was no vacillating. I'm out. That's all I can say," Wendy told The New York Times Magazine in a recent interview of her husband's cheating.

Williams also revealed that she knew about the mistress for years, but wanted to get things in order for herself and her son before making a move to end her marriage.

"I knew that I would [have to address it] but I had to get my ducks in a row. I knew a lot of things for years, but my son was at home. It wasn't fair to him," Wendy Williams told Andy Cohen of her marriage troubles during an interview earlier this month.