September 1, 2019
Erica Mena Shows Off Cleavage In An Unbuttoned Jacket

Erica Mena shared a brand new Instagram picture today, and she used a mysterious caption to allude to something going on in her life.

The photo showed her posing in an unbuttoned, denim jacket. This left her cleavage on display, as she placed her right hand on her hips and played with her hair with her left hand. She also popped her right foot and rocked a pair of super tight, white capri pants.

Mena also wore a pair of white heels that were mesh.

The denim jacket was light blue and had a belt that cinched her waist. She accessorized with a ton of bling, including a necklace with a large pendant, a watch, and a bracelet. Erica also rocked a giant rock on her left hand and looked down for the shot with a smile on her face.

Her makeup included red, glossy lipstick and dark purple eyeshadow.

Erica's fans encouraged her in the comments section, as they referenced the captions.

"Keep these fools missing shots babe," said a fan.

"Who cares just live, you are blessed," said another fan.

"They hate and love to assume. But you look great! But it's a good thing you do not care about what these ppl think of you. Keep doing you," noted a follower.


At the same time, there were some people that tried to guess what Erica was referencing in the captions. For one person, there was nothing mysterious about the situation.

"Girl bye ur pregnant and try to hide it," said an Instagram user.

And it's true that there's been lots of speculation about a possible pregnancy. Nothing's been confirmed, however, and it's all pure rumors at this point.

In addition, there were plenty of fans that didn't pay any mind to the drama.

"Scorpio queen," declared a fan.

"Killing it sis," said another fan.

"You look good," noted a follower.

But of course, a hater snuck in.

"No one really cares...ur a z-lister," said an Instagram user.

Fans were quick to defend Mena.

"You must care the fact you posting a comment...," said a fan, as they continued to bash the person who left the message.

Fans can only hope for an update should she and Safaree be expecting a baby. For now, it looks like she's looking to enjoy some privacy.