Publix Causes A Stir By Selling A Cheerful Hurricane Dorian-Themed Cake

Many communities in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Georgia are doing what they can to prepare as the formidable Hurricane Dorian quickly approaches. This is a massive tropical storm that is bound to cause some destruction and, of course, presents a very dangerous situation. Thus, many nervous citizens have been heading to their local grocery stores to stock up on canned goods in the case that they aren't able to leave their homes for awhile.

One man stopped by a Publix grocery store in Florida earlier this week, and discovered a rather odd cake in the bakery section. Publix is currently selling Hurricane Dorian-themed cakes as the storm approaches and it's caused a mixed reaction online, according to Today.

This particular cake was a chocolate chip cookie cake that could be purchased for $11.99. It featured bright colored icing that was used to create an elaborate design. There is an outline of the state of Florida, with an icing-hurricane heading toward the peninsula. As odd as it may sound, there are actually multiple versions of this cake available for purchase. One is a mini, rainbow hurricane cake, with the words "go away" written on one side. As soon as these bizarre cakes hit the shelves, the photos of them quickly went viral online.

"Do you know what makes living through all of these hurricanes in Florida easier to stomach? A nice 'Dorian'- themed cookie cake and a glass of milk! Be prepared and stay safe everyone," tweeted the man who first shared the photo of the hurricane cake online.

While some people find the cakes funny and a nice way to help calm down the many people anxious about the storm, many others don't think the cakes are in very good taste and, in a way, make fun of a very serious situation.

"They'll be great to eat if you still have a home left," one person wrote, pointing out the severity of the situation.

Publix issued a public apology on Twitter to those that were offended by their hurricane cakes.

"It is never our goal to offend anyone with the products we offer and I apologize that we let you down. Individual locations did make some of the hurricane cakes you've seen and I will personally share your feedback on this cake design."
This isn't the first time Publix has sold controversial cakes. Some Florida locations also made hurricane cakes for Hurricane Irma, which occurred in 2017.