August 31, 2019
'Shameless' Season 9 Gets Netflix Release Date Just In Time For Season 10 Premiere

With the Season 10 premiere of Shameless just a little over a month away, those who did not have a Showtime subscription last year are desperate for a way to catch up on the series. Fortunately, Shameless has been a member of the Netflix streaming library for a little while now and there are no signs of the series being removed any time soon.

Confirmed by Pop Sugar, the Showtime hit series finally has a Netflix release date for Season 9. And the best part is the release date gives fans plenty of time to binge through Season 9 before the Season 10 premiere.

When is the Shameless Season 9 Netflix Release Date?

Per Pop Sugar, Season 9 of Shameless and all of its Gallagher glory will be dropped into the Netflix library on September 10. As fans of the series know, Season 9 is the last season they will get to enjoy starring leading lady Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher. While Rossum is a regular cast member that appears in all episodes of Season 9, the finale is her last episode of the series.

Initially, Rossum was not the only member of the Gallagher family exiting the series during Season 9. Cameron Monaghan also broke the news that he would not be returning to the Showtime series. Unlike Rossum, Monaghan is only featured in the first half of Season 9 with the midseason finale being his final episode.

Things, however, have since changed as Cameron made the decision to return to the Shameless cast for Season 10 as he wanted to continue to explore his character's relationship with Noel Fisher's character, Mickey.

Noel Fisher Does Make an Appearance in Season 9

Perhaps giving fans a taste of what to look forward to during Season 10 of Shameless, Noel Fisher does have a very brief appearance during Season 9. The actor returned to revive his character just long enough to give Cameron's character, Ian, the goodbye writers believed was most fitting for the storyline. The goodbye was also how the writers smoothed over the sudden exit of Cameron by giving fans one last Gallavich make-out session.

The official Shameless Instagram account, as well as the accounts of several cast members, including Noel, Shanola Hampton, Emma Kenney, and Steve Howey, have steadily been dropping teaser video clips and snapshots as they continue to hype up fans for the upcoming season.

Shameless Season 10 is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, November 3rd. Those with a Showtime streaming subscription will likely be able to watch the premiere a little early as the network tends to drop new episodes into the streaming library after midnight on the day they are scheduled to air.