Jojo Babie Shows Off Major Cleavage In American Flag Bikini

Jojo Babie shared a brand new bikini pic earlier today, and it's racked up more than 36,000 likes in the first five hours. The Instagram sensation has been busy sharing revealing photos lately, but it's been 11 days since she last posted a bikini pic.

The photo showed the model posing outdoors at the beach, with rock formations and blue ocean waters in the backdrop. She wore an American flag-themed bikini top and looked straight at the camera.

Babie's cleavage was on full display, as she placed her right hand by her mouth and her left hand by her neck. She wore her hair down in a heavy right part, as her blonde highlights popped.

Jojo also wore heavy eye makeup, along with heavy brow liner. She appeared to keep things simple with no necklace or bracelets.

The photo was cropped by her waist, so it wasn't possible to see what her bikini bottoms looked like.

Jojo asked her fans to choose a number for a follow-back contest, and many people did so. There were some that went above and beyond, however.

"10 since you're a dime in my eyes," said a fan.

"I PICK NUMBER 1 CAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE!" exclaimed another fan.

"Lord you're so breahtakingly gorgeous bless you 87?" guessed a follower.

"If I win can I please have a relationship with you my beautiful Asian queen," asked another follower, who seemed to have forgotten to choose a number.

In addition, there were plenty of people who were distracted by Jojo's photo.

"You're pretty and stuff," said a follower.

"By the way beautiful picture!! Love it," said another follower.

That's not to mention all the fans that commented on the patriotic bikini.

"God Bless America!!!" said a fan.

"I started Singing the American anthem when I saw this picture I love USA USA USA," said another fan.

In addition, other fans showered her with their own, unique compliments.

"Those eyes Jo!!!! They never lie!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!" said a follower.

"Please don't get me wrong. love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu," said another follower.

"Wow,you make a sunny day even brighter. Beautiful..," noted an Instagram user.

And prior to this bikini post, Jojo shared a promotional update for 1st Phorm. She often shares photos of herself posing with products, although sometimes, she'll post product photography.

Her second-newest post garnered over 8,700 likes, which is a lot less than photos of her.

Regardless, fans can hope for more snaps from the ocean.