August 31, 2019
'Playboy' Model Lexi Wood Shows Some Skin While Rolling Around In Bed

As her 625,000 Instagram followers know, Playboy model Lexi Wood isn't afraid to show some skin.

The Canadian model turned the heat up for her social media followers on Saturday evening by sharing a collection of racy black-and-white snapshots of herself rolling around in bed.

The photo collection featured the model rocking a sleeveless white crop top that she paired with white lacy underwear.

The model flashed a huge smile as she pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail with loose strands hanging down both sides of her face.

The first photo featured Lexi absolutely glowing as she popped her curvy booty out while perched on her hands and knees with her head turned toward the camera.

The second photo in the collection featured the model on her back, rolling toward pillows with one of her knees resting on them. In this photo, she was also careful to turn her face back toward the camera and continue to flash that gorgeous smile. Her curvaceous backside was highlighted in the second photo thanks to the positioning of her legs.

The third steamy photo featured Wood demonstrating her flexibility as she rested on her shoulders with her booty hoisted into the air and her knees bent toward her face as if she was riding an air bicycle. Again, Lexi continued to flash her pearly white smile while looking at the camera. The third photo was another nice highlight of her voluptuous derriere.

By the forth photo, Lexi returns to her knees with her hands hanging to one side as she looked to be in the middle of a dance move. Like the rest of the photos, Wood continued to flash a sweet smile as she looked toward the camera.

The fifth photo was the first in the racy collection that featured the Playboy model not looking at the camera. Lexi was photographed playing with her hair. She, however, was still smiling while gazing down toward the bed.

In the sixth and final photo, the model returns her gaze to the camera as she rests on her stomach and pops her curvy bottom into the air.

Unsurprisingly, the sexy display of skin and curves was well-received by her followers, as the photos accumulated nearly 50,000 likes and just shy of 300 comments inside of seven hours. According to the caption, the photos were of her "having a great time."

One of her followers took to the comments section to gush about this being one of their favorite collections of photos of the model. Several others chimed in with how "beautiful" and "stunning" she looked in the sizzling snaps.