August 31, 2019
Mackenzie Mckee's Mom Angie Douthit Shares Heart-Breaking New Cancer Pic With Grandkids Who Won't See Her Live

Times are hard for Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee's mom Angie Douthit. Mackenzie's mother has been battling cancer that doesn't seem to have afforded her a good prognosis; this month has seen Angie reveal that she has six months to live, per People. Angie revealed that the disease has spread to many of her major organs, with her liver, lungs, and brain all affected.

Despite her crippling condition and what are visible signs that the cancer is taking over, Angie continues to live the best life that she can. This grandmother has an active Instagram account with regular updates, plus a new one that landed on Angie's account over the Labor Day weekend.

While the photo delivered Angie's stunning smile and a reminder that family means everything to her, it was heartbreaking. Angie was seen with a headscarf covering the hair loss she has endured as a result of her chemotherapy treatments, with Mackenzie's three children near her serving as a bittersweet reminder: Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs may be enjoying family time with their grandmother now, but these kids will not see Angie grow much older. Per People's report, Angie's revelation of her approximate six-month lifetime prognosis came from her doctors.

Angie's update saw fans send in good wishes by the masses. Prayers and thoughts of hope filled the post's comments section, with some fans detailing their own family experiences of cancer.

Angie's feed has been bravely documenting her battle. A recent Instagram photo with 24-year-old Mackenzie showed fans that this plucky lady may be a sick one, but she's got a fighting attitude, a fierce spirit, and a faith-based sense of hope that is nothing short of admirable.

"I will admit that learning of my crazy cancer diagnosis completely changed my life. It opened my heart, soul, and mind to how incredible God was. I learned to commit my ways to the Lord and he took care of my plans. Living life can be scary enough. Why would we ever try to do it without God? Learn to trust God. We all have things we r going through."
Angie has shared photos from hospital beds and scans – her battle is open, but it's real. As to Mackenzie, the trials and tribulations of returning to the MTV franchise may be on her mind, but fans would likely agree that her mother's health remains a primary concern.

Fans wishing to stay up-to-date on Mackenzie and her family should follow Mackenzie's Instagram, check out Angie's account, or tune into Teen Mom OG.