August 31, 2019
Hannah Palmer Bursts Out Of String Bikini For Labor Day Weekend

Hannah Palmer has marked the Labor Day weekend in the most adorable way possible: by getting the name of the holiday slightly wrong. The model accidentally referenced this weekend as Memorial Day in her latest update, but it took her less than 20 minutes to rectify the caption – everyone makes mistakes.

Hannah may have made a slight error in captioning her image today, but she didn't fail on the delivery. The Maxim model and Bang Energy face appeared in full form as she delivered yet another sizzling bikini update. Then again, scrolling through this girl's feed would likely have most fans agreeing that every single one of Hannah's updates is steaming hot.

Hannah's photo today showed her shot against a wall and bathed in natural daylight. The blonde hadn't been photographed full length, but the camera had more than taken in her killer curves. Hannah was knocking the camera dead in a super-tiny and black bikini with string ties and a halterneck finish. While Hannah wasn't showing any swimwear down below, the jeans' finish wasn't deterring from the fierce cleavage display. Curves are, indeed, this girl's domain.

Hannah delivered her fit and curvy frame alongside a warm smile, those charming blue eyes, and the signature blonde locks that follow the model wherever she goes. A simple caption reminded fans that the post was promotional in nature, but Hannah's fans aren't fussed how she takes to the platform.

The update racked up more than 4,200 likes in just 25 minutes – clearly, Hannah's grip on Instagram is a strong one. Early responses to Hannah's photo seemed to see fans endeared at the Memorial Day error: while the model found herself corrected by a few fans, these replies quickly found themselves mixed up with comments sending Hannah love.Hannah first came to attention last year as she competed for Maxim's 2018 Cover Girl prize. While Hannah did not win, she appears to be doing just fine without the magazine. She did, however, offer some words of what she might do with the $25,000 winner prize, per The Inquisitr.
"My dream is to open up my own business in the beauty industry that helps homeless women and women in shelters feel beautiful again! Ever since I read an article about an esthetician using her days off to go and glam up the women at a shelter, I've always wanted to do the same. Seeing somebody feel beautiful and confident again when the world keeps knocking them down is just so empowering. As women, I think this is one of the most amazing gifts we could give each other!"