August 31, 2019
Tarsha Whitmore Bursts Out Of Glitter Vest With Hot Pink Candy Floss

Tarsha Whitmore knows how to have fun. The Australian model may have sultry swimwear or lingerie poses as her trademark, but the free-spirited side to this beauty is alive and well. Tarsha's smile is now as much a part of her appeal as her sizzling bikini body, although there's no denying that fans eyeing the model's Instagram likely wind up subscribing on account of those epic swimwear displays.

Tarsha has delivered a fresh new update.

Earlier today, Tarsha posted a snap of herself enjoying a day out at what appeared to be a fair. A Queensland, Australia geo-tag helpfully placed the 19-year-old in her homeland. Followers of Tarsha's account will know that this girl is one walking suitcase. The luxury travels had to end at some point, though.

Tarsha's sunny snap got off to a good start. A candy floss and hot dog stand in the background seemed to be catering to another customer, although Tarsha herself seemed to have been the outlet's most recent one. The model was holding a giant stick of hot pink candy floss, although fans likely found themselves drawn towards the blonde's cute outfit. Tarsha was sizzling in a peach-colored vest bearing bejeweled glitter elements. While the camera had cut Tarsha off just below the waist, fans did catch a glimpse of some jeans pairing the busty upper.

It seemed to be the perfect snap. With Tarsha looking bronzed and sunkissed, a little cleavage-flashing, and a reminder that this girl comes with an appetite, figuring out why the update quickly proved popular wasn't rocket science. Tarsha and her treat racked up over 8,500 likes in the space of two hours.

Of course, the post benefited more than just the model's followers. Affordable clothing brand Oh Polly got a mention. Tarsha may not come with the world's highest Instagram following, but she has already been cherry-picked by Oh Polly as an ambassador. The shout-outs to the brand are fairly regular from this influencer, although Tarsha will acknowledge other labels in her updates. An update made yesterday saw Tarsha mention Lounge Underwear.

Tarsha is known to throw in the odd food moment for her updates. The star has updated her account with tasty-looking popcorn and healthy smoothies – clearly, a balanced mindset is where this girl is at.Tarsha has 539,000 Instagram followers. Her bio introduces her 19 years, proud Australian nationality, and Oh Polly ambassador status. Fans wishing to catch the next update from Tarsha should follow her account.