'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Dons Barely There Bikini During Venice Film Festival, Hits Up Murano For New Bling

Farrah Abraham seems to be having the time of her life while visiting Italy during the Venice Film Festival. Her red carpet appearances have been notable, if only because of the lack of positive attention paid to her, as well as for when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction some say was simply a media-grabbing stunt, according to The Inquisitr on August 31.

"Abraham wore a low-cut, floral dress, which had a thigh-high slit to emphasize her legs. Farrah went naked under the dress, and when the garment shifted too far over, she gave the cameras a peek under her skirt."
Meanwhile, the Teen Mom OG cast member has also been enjoying other aspects of her destination beyond film premieres and fashion snafus during her visit to Europe's floating city.

The camera-friendly female has been especially keen about taking advantage of her location in the place known as the Queen of the Adriatic. In fact, Farrah put on one of her notoriously skimpy bikinis to try out the water that is very much a part of Venice's landscape.

For her Northern Italian adventure in the Lido, the 26-year-old donned a black, strapless top that rocked all kinds of underboob, as well as uncovering a lot of very daring cleavage. The bra-like garment included a golden ring in the middle, separating her bountiful breasts so even more of her flesh was featured.

Although seemingly impossible, her red-and-black bikini bottom was even skimpier than the top. The tiny triangle was held up by two skinny black strings just begging to be attacked by yet another wardrobe malfunction.

Beyond the Lido, Farrah enjoyed another tourist must as she traveled by water taxi to the island of Murano, home to famous glassblowers known all over the world. The reality star indulged in some of their wares, purchasing a bright red necklace, some earrings, and a vase.While wearing her new bling in an Instagram snap that the MTV star uploaded on Saturday, her trolls were out in full force.

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it all. That's why I'll refrain from commenting," stated one snide follower, adding a zipper-faced emoji for full effect.

"Wearing; grandma's curtains," said another commenter, referring to the blue-and-white frock Farrah was modeling.

"Please get a stylist, these dresses are just terrible," claimed another troll.

"She looks like the doll/clown from the movie saw," remarked yet another anti-fan, who possibly went a little too far when critiquing the MTV star.

Meanwhile, when Farrah Abraham showed off her look and her bounty on Instagram, she didn't snap back at the backhanded compliments she received in bulk. In fact, this Teen Mom alum may even be laughing at the negative comments since she enjoyed more than 13,000 views of her latest photo within two hours of posting on social media.