August 31, 2019
WWE News: Triple H Discusses Future Of 'NXT UK' As 'NXT' Moves To USA Network

With the weekly NXT show set to move to the USA Network for a two-hour weekly show next month, the future of the black-and-gold brand's British offshoot, NXT UK, has been up in the air. Will it merge with its U.S. counterpart to become one? Will it move to its own network? The answer is potentially both of these scenarios.

During a conference call ahead of this weekend's NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff show, Triple H revealed the company's plans for the British iteration of the brand. As documented by Sportskeeda, he assured fans that the weekly NXT UK show will remain on the WWE Network for now, but he hasn't ruled out the show appearing on another channel at a later date.

"I think this deal shows a few things; I think it shows the significance and the excitement of something we've been working on for a while. I think that the opportunity for the UK is tremendous, whether that is on the network or somewhere else."
He later went on to mention BT Sports, the U.K. television channel that recently acquired the rights to Monday Night Raw, as a possible destination. Perhaps WWE will negotiate a deal for the channel to be the home to NXT UK as well, much like the USA Network will host both the red and the black and gold brands overseas.

It's not uncommon for NXT UK superstars to appear on the regular show as well. That doesn't appear to be changing any time soon either, as Triple H said there will still be crossover elements between both brands.

"I definitely intend to have the talent from the UK a big part of that so they are recognized around the world. They will definitely be a big part of that show as well and it will enhance their reputation around the world."
Triple H also confirmed that some main roster superstars will appear on both versions of the NXT brand. Recently, The Fashion Police and Cesaro have appeared in the development territory, and there's been speculation that Drew McIntyre will wrestle at a U.K. show because he requested to be a part of one."The Game" concluded the conference by revealing that he plans to take NXT Takeover events all over Europe. If there's a city with a rabid fan base and a strong appetite for wrestling, he won't rule it out. All in all, it appears as if the ambition for both iterations of NXT is to make them bigger and more international.