August 31, 2019
Reality Steve Predicts Major Blowup Between Two 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars During The Reunion Show

Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have hardly become friends during this season of Bachelor in Paradise. The pair were both caught up in a love triangle with co-star Blake Horstmann that began well before the show even began. Before they all headed to paradise, Horstman, Schulman, and Miller-Keyes all went to the Stagecoach music festival. It was there that Horstmann hooked up with Miller-Keyes less than 24 hours after he hooked up with Schulman. His promiscuous past has caused quite a stir in paradise thus far and there's been significant tension between Miller-Keyes and Schulman for obvious reasons. However, according to Women's Health, the tension is about to reach a boiling point during the reunion show, according to Reality Steve.

Steve Carbone is a blogger who writes about reality television and goes by the name Reality Steve. He's known for revealing details about the private lives of the stars of the Bachelor franchise shows, making predictions about who will end up with who, and releasing spoilers. His predictions have been known to be extremely accurate and fans that can't wait until the end of the show to find out what happens, can check out his blog. Most recently, he revealed that Schulman and Miller-Keyes will clash at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show when Schulman reveals that Miller-Keyes was spotted making out with another guy the weekend of the Stagecoach music festival.

"I had a feeling this was gonna get out at the reunion taping since I'd heard about it a month ago when the Blake/Caelynn stuff blew up. At the reunion taping yesterday, Kristina brought up the fact Caelynn was with some guy at Stagecoach BEFORE her night with Blake. Caelynn doesn't deny hanging out with him there, and Kristina chimes in that multiple people saw them making out. Well, looks like Blake wasn't the only one hooking up at Stagecoach."
This piece of information certainly won't reflect well upon Miller-Keyes, who has slammed Horstmann all season long for hooking up with multiple people that particular weekend. If she was doing the exact same thing as him, then she will likely be deemed a hypocrite by fans.

Miller-Keyes exploded on Horstmann earlier on in Bachelor in Paradise during an emotional confrontation. Sobbing uncontrollably, she told him that she felt disrespected by him and didn't like being treated like a dirty little secret. In addition to talking to Schulman and Miller-Keyes before the show, Horstmann had also been hanging out with Hannah Godwin.