August 31, 2019
Cindy Prado Celebrates Labor Day Weekend Topless In String Bikini & Open Leather Jacket

Cindy Prado seems to be flying the flag for the all-American vibe. The bombshell might not differ massively from Instagram's competing swimwear faces, but this blonde comes with U.S. charm, a Barbie finish, and, well, that name. Cindy has updated her account over the Labor Day weekend. While no flags were displayed, Cindy appeared to have her own way to mark the annual event.

Cindy posted two photos to her Instagram earlier today. Both delivered this beauty's sultry charm and oozing sex appeal in the same manner that's likely responsible for the star's rising Instagram following. With 798,000 followers, Cindy might not be the world's most-followed face, but she's climbing the ranks.

Cindy's photo appeared to be shot outdoors amid terrace greenery. A Beverly Hills, California geo-tag proved glamorous, although the snaps themselves were taking middle ground. While the wrought-iron seating and background flowers afforded a certain luxe, Cindy hadn't gone pretentious. The model was looking sexily into the camera with a wardrobe that seemed to be reflecting her facial expression. Cindy was fully topless and rocking a pair of string bikini briefs, although her modesty was protected – just about. Cindy's sizzling cleavage was making quite an appearance via an open leather jacket, although the finish was, as ever with Cindy, impeccable.

Cindy's update quickly proved popular, racking up more than 3,300 likes in just 45 minutes. The same time frame brought more than 84 fans into the post's comments section.A classy-yet-sexy feel is one that's fast becoming this model's trademark. A recent update from Cindy showed her posing seductively by a grand piano as she flaunted her curves in a snakeskin dress. Given that the update came from Los Angeles International Airport, there was an air of mystery to the post – Cindy didn't indicate where she was jetting off to, but she definitely confirmed that she travels in style. The post had also seen Cindy act as an influencer. With a mention of affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova, it looked like Prado had joined the army of models currently collaborating with the brand.While slinky dresses and daytime looks will make appearances on this model's Instagram, swimwear does seem to be her domain. The blonde has rocked tiny bikinis a fair few times this month, with a recent post appearing to show Cindy sunning herself in Capri, Italy. Clearly, the Mediterranean isn't just for the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus.

Cindy's Instagram is followed by a music face: country singer Jessie James Decker keeps tabs on her. Fans wishing to see more of Cindy should follow her Instagram.