Kirsten Dunst Fans Slam 'Reuters' For Disrespecting The Actress

Kirsten Dunst — who has just shy of 100 movie and television credits on her Hollywood resume — is learning just how massively supportive her fan base is.

According to The HuffPost, the British news agency Reuters is catching heat after dismissing Dunst as nothing more than "SpiderMan's Girlfriend." While the tweet claiming the actress was "best known" for her role in SpiderMan alongside Toby Maguire has since been deleted, it wasn't before many took screenshots of it and blasted the news outlet on social media.

The unfortunate tweet was intended to announce that Kirsten had finally received her highly anticipated Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Many fans of Dunst quickly tagged the media outlet before calling attention to the many other roles the actress starred in including:

  • Melancholia (Best Actress at Cannes)
  • Fargo (Emmy nomination)
  • Jumanji
  • Bring It On
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • Little Women
  • Marie Antoinette
Several Twitter users called attention to the fact that Kirsten was just 12-years-old when she was nominated for a Golden Globe. She was also coined as the Best Actress at the Cannes.

One Twitter user acknowledged the "silver lining" in the disrespectful tweet was that now everyone on social media was talking about how "truly great Kirsten Dunst is."

Some even jested that Reuters was in trouble as they would never be remembered for anything other than being the media outlet that didn't give Dunst the appreciation she deserved.

According to Yahoo News, the deleted tweet came just days after the actress had discussed with Sirius XM how frustrated she was with the lack of recognition she has received for all of her hard work in the industry.

"I've never been recognized in my industry. I've never been nominated for anything — maybe like, twice, for Golden Globes when I was little and once for Fargo, but like, I always feel like nobody, I don't know. Maybe they think I'm just the girl from Bring It On. I just feel like, what did I do? Sometimes you're like, hm, it'd be nice to be recognized by your peers," the actress said as she opened up about her frustrations.

Reactions are continuing to pour in on Twitter as fans of the actress are not happy with Reuters.
While the news outlet did delete the insulting post, many of her fans are insisting that is not enough as they call on Reuters to issue an apology.
According to Yahoo News, representatives at the British news outlet have not responded to requests for comments regarding the backlash.