Annaliese Puccini Of 'Bachelor In Paradise' Has A New Man

Annaliese Puccini, a 34-year-old reality television personality, has had a rough time throughout each of her stints on any of the Bachelor franchise shows. She appeared on season 22 of The Bachelor which starred Arie Luyendyk Jr.. While she connected with Luyendyk, he didn't feel it and sent her home during week three. She then appeared on season five of Bachelor in Paradise where she was hopeful for another chance to find love. She fell for Kamil Nicalek that season and thought he could be the one. Nevertheless, he ended up dumping her on live television during the reunion show, according to US Weekly.

Nicalek's decision to call things off in such a public way was crushing for Puccini, but she didn't give up. She appeared on season six of Bachelor in Paradise, which is still on the air. Unfortunately, she failed to make a strong connection with anyone there and ultimately got sent home brokenhearted yet again. After so many disappointments and setbacks, many might expect Puccini to give up or perhaps take a break from dating for awhile. However, she had no such intention and put herself out there once again. Now, it appears that the television star has finally connected with someone that is giving her the respect she deserves.

Puccini opened up about the new man in her life on the HELP! I Suck at Dating podcast with Dean Unglert and Vanessa Grimaldi this past Thursday. Unglert, an alum of the Bachelor franchise, started the podcast as a way to discuss the lives of fellow contestants both on and off the air. Jared Haibon and Grimaldi, fellow Bachelor alums, are his co-hosts.

Puccini didn't reveal too many details regarding the new lucky guy in her life, but did emphasize that he has helped her to see the type of relationship she really deserves.
"I'm gonna share, like, the bare minimum because I'm not ready to dive in completely with details, but I met somebody and he's great. It's the first time, maybe ever, that I'm like, 'Wow, I'm worthy of this kind if of relationship.' I don't know if maybe if I thought in the past that I deserved somebody this great and he's really amazing."
Prior to her appearance on The Bachelor, Puccini described the type of man she was looking for in her ABC Bachelor bio.
"A partnership, a best friend, someone who makes you your best self, who will be a great parent and someone who will always be there for you through thick and thin."