Bam Margera Back In Rehab And 'Doing Really Good,' Getting Support From 'Jackass' Co-Stars After Bar Arrest

Bam Margera says he is doing "really good" after an arrest in a Hollywood bar led to his third stint in rehab in the last month, and the reality television star is getting plenty of support from his Jackass co-stars.

As Radar Online reported, the reality television star was arrested on August 14 after reportedly acting strangely at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. The report noted that the bar's staff asked Margera to leave, and called police when he refused. When officers arrived, they took the 39-year-old into custody. The incident came just days after Margera had left his stint in rehab, sparking some worry for his health.

Margera was then admitted to a hospital suffering from edema, and from there reportedly went back to rehab.

As Daily Mail reported, things seem to have improved for Margera in the two weeks that followed his arrest. He was spotted having lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles with a man who was later identified as his sober companion from Wavelengths Recovery, where Margera is reportedly receiving outpatient treatment.

On Friday, Margera was stopped by TMZ and said he was doing "really good," thanks in part to the support of Jackass friends Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville. Margera struck an optimistic tone when relaying the visits they had paid him while in rehab, appearing very grateful for their support.

"They all have visited me [in rehab] and they all have been really supportive," Margera said to a TMZ photographer.

That support could be helpful to Bam's recovery. Steve-O famously had his own struggles with addiction before turning his life around. Back in March, Steve-O shared on Twitter that he has now been sober for 11 years.

Bam Margera has been open about his history of mental health and substance abuse struggles, including a recent difficult stretch. Back in March, he was committed to a behavioral health facility after what was called a "meltdown" at a New York City comedy club where the Jackass star allegedly threatened his manager, TMZ reported. Margera publicly reached out to Dr. Phil of television fame for help, but it was soon afterward that Bam bolted from rehab.

As CNN reported, the professional skater turned Jackass star has a history of failing to see through his rehab stints. Bam Margera entered rehab for another stay on New Year's Day but left after just 10 days, later saying that he felt bored.