September 2, 2019
WWE News: CM Punk Discusses Return, Says He'd 'Talk' To WWE If They Called Him

Ever since he parted ways with WWE in 2013, CM Punk has distanced himself from sports entertainment. While there are rumors every week about him returning to in-ring action, the former WWE superstar has seemed more focused on MMA, acting, and watching hockey games since his departure from the squared circle.

With All Elite Wrestling providing an alternative to WWE, however, many are speculating that the "Best in the World" could be about to join the upstart promotion. His friendship with Cody and The Young Bucks is well documented and, as The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, he's open to listening to offers.

One company Punk seemed to be done with once and for all, however, was WWE. After exiting the company on bad terms and subsequently discussing how much he hated being there -- followed by an ugly lawsuit related to his departure that only came to an end last year -- both parties have seemed content to remain at a distance from each other.

Recent developments, meanwhile, suggest that Punk is open to returning to the biggest wrestling company in the world. As documented by Ringside News, he appeared at this weekend's Starrcast event to discuss his wrestling career and what his future might entail.

During the panel, he revealed that he harbors no ill will towards the company. When asked about his beef with them, the 40-year-old revealed that he's "over it." On top of that, he also said that he wouldn't hang up the phone if WWE called him one day.

"I'll have a conversation with anybody, but I'm not calling them."
Judging by Punk's words, he's considering making a comeback to the squared circle. His "anybody" comment aligns with comments he's made in the past about his willingness to do business with any party that makes him a formal offer. If the deal was right for him, perhaps he'd be open to a WWE return.
The main sources of Punk's frustration with WWE pertained to his schedule and how he was booked. During his tell-all appearance on The Art of Wrestling podcast in 2014, he revealed that he wasn't given any time off and all he ever wanted was to be in a WrestleMania main event.

These days, WWE is more open to giving unhappy superstars some vacation time in order to recharge their batteries. As for that WrestleMania main event he's always craved, he could always negotiate that with the company, per the conditions of a potential new deal.