Eddie Martins And Richard Hall, NYPD Police Who Raped Teen Anna Chambers, Reportedly Receive No Jail Time

The Intercept reports that the New York Police Department (NYPD) officers that raped Anna Chambers while she was in their custody received no jail time. Eddie Martins and Richard Hall pleaded guilty to 11 charges, including bribery and misconduct, and admitted to having sex with Chambers — which is a pseudonym — back in 2017. However, the pair only received five years of probation.

"It's completely outrageous," said Chambers' attorney, Michael David. "They admitted on the record to having sex with her in their van. No jail time is just outrageous. Anna is hysterical."

Martins and Hall reportedly detained Chambers for possession of a small amount of drugs. After handcuffing her and taking her into their unmarked van, Chambers allegedly performed oral sex on the pair and had vaginal sex with Martins. After they were done, they left Chambers on a corner.

Despite the prosecution opposing a non-jail sentence and recommending one to three years in jail on a plea, Kings County Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun decided to hand out a more lenient sentence.

"The credibility of the victim, or the complainant, was seriously, seriously questionable, at best," he said before suggesting that Chambers bribed the offers and adding that there were "criminal activities on both sides."

Thanks to the Chambers case, The Intercept reported that New York passed a bill — S7708 — that makes all sexual encounters with a police officer while "under arrest, detention or otherwise in actual custody" to be considered rape. However, Chambers was unable to benefit from this law.

"If the law [S7708] was on the books when the rape occurred, this case would be shut and closed already," said New York City Council Member Mark Treyger.

Per Kings County Politics, before S7708, the existing statute prohibited sexual contact between corrections or parole officers and any individual in their custody. But it did not deem this behavior legal or illegal, which is why Martins and Hall were able to escape rape charges.

According to The Intercept, Chun had enforced NYPD impunity before when he sentenced former Officer Peter Liang, who was convicted by a jury for the manslaughter of an unarmed black man, Akai Gurley, to just five-years probation.

Per The Inquisitr, New York isn't the only city plagued with tricky cases of potential police corruption. Back in July, Florida Sheriff's Deputy Zach Wester was arrested for planting drugs in over 100 people's cars. Later in the same month, Florida Sheriff's Deputy, Steven O'Leary, was also arrested for falsely imprisoning people on drug charges.