Farrah Abraham Dubbed Unrecognizable By Instagram In Latest Venice Film Festival Pic

Farrah Abraham's fans don't recognize her.

The Teen Mom OG star has appeared in a new photo posted to 10-year-old daughter Sophia's Instagram account. The 28-year-old was looking glamorous in a slinky and striped silver dress as she took to the Venice Film Festival red carpet, with Sophia contrasting her mother in a summery yellow dress. While Sophia had taken to her caption to announce that her Italian travels had inspired her to learn the country's tongue, it looks like fans responding to the image seemed more focused on Farrah's face than Sophia's upbeat caption.

"What's wrong with Farrah's face?" was one of the most upvoted comments with over 102 likes.

"Farrah looks like a man in drag," another said, rather hurtfully.

"Oh god what happened to her face?!?! Did I miss something?" one fan exclaimed.

"Farrah slow down on the Botox..." a fan said before adding that they couldn't recognize the star.

Many more comments came in regarding the 28-year-old's facial features.

"Wow! I feel for her face, she was so pretty before all this surgery. She's going to end up like Jocelyn Wildenstein if she doesn't stop. Sad," one fan stated.

"Holy crap her face wth," another added.

Farrah's cosmetic procedures have long been making headlines. While many celebrities seem to spend their lives denying allegations of having gone under the knife, Farrah takes a different route. This surgery-loving star is happy to admit the various procedures she's undergone – Farrah even livestreams her procedures to social media. Farrah made Daily Mail's headlines for doing just this last year.

While comments left to Sophia's photo weren't exclusively about her mother's face, the vast majority of the most upvoted replies were honing in on it.

"Too much botox for Farrah," one fan said.

"She is going to look like Joan Rivers soon" was another comment.

Farrah's appearance at the Venice Film Festival has made headlines for a very particular reason. The star's X-rated wardrobe malfunction was quite the talking point as Farrah graced the event's red carpet, with People and various other media outlets documenting the star's nether regions being flashed. Responses to Sophia's post today didn't seem to see fans mentioning this, though.Farrah herself has been documenting her Italian travels. Prior to the festival kicking off, the star updated her social media from one of Venice's canals. Farrah has also been spotted sunning herself in a bikini out in Italy.

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