AEW Rumors: All Elite Wrestling Permanently Bans Dangerous Spot

All Elite Wrestling has already said they aren't going to be like WWE and that things were going to be different, but some things may have to remain the same. At the end of June, AEW held their Fyter Fest event which saw Cody Rhodes take a vicious chair shot to the head, resulting in a very scary situation. According to word going around, that will be the last time a situation like that happens as the spot has now been permanently banned.

After Rhodes' match with Darby Allin, Shawn Spears entered the ring and obliterated him with a chair shot to the head. It was completely unprotected and resulted in Cody being busted open the hard way, and it scared a lot of people.

The Inquisitr reported that Rhodes was lucky as he didn't suffer a concussion or any kind of serious injury, but he did need a dozen staples to close the wound in his head. AEW President Tony Khan commented on the situation and said that "pilot error" happens with even the safest airplanes in the world.

At the time, Khan did not say if unprotected chair shots would be something that AEW continued doing, but there has been a change.

Shawn Spears nails Cody Rhodes in the head with a chair.

According to SB Nation, there is a source with firsthand knowledge of the inner workings in AEW that says it won't happen again. Apparently, All Elite Wrestling is not going to be using the spot of unprotected chair shots at any point from this moment forward.

Former WWE superstar Christopher Nowinski is also the co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, and he spoke on the matter. It seems as if AEW was trying to find a way to have unprotected chair shots done safely, but it just can't be worked out.

"I understand there were discussions about trying to do it safely without causing brain trauma, but I think the lesson from this is that there's always a chance for human error. You have to look at the risk-reward for a chair shot to the head."
AEW has been doing a lot of great work in building momentum and getting the focus off of WWE and onto them. Yes, the unprotected chair shot did give them a lot of press, but it isn't necessarily the type of attention that they want to bring in.

As reported by The Inquisitr, AEW will be holding their All Out pay-per-view on Saturday evening in Chicago. One of the matches on that card will be Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger) in a revenge grudge match. While some fans may think that Cody owes one to Spears for the scene at Fyter Fest, it is highly unlikely that another unprotected chair shot is going to be the payback given.