August 31, 2019
Ashley Alexiss Displays Curvy Bod In A Nautical Bikini

Ashley Alexiss tantalized her fans today with a brand new bikini pic on Instagram. And even though -- at the time of this writing -- the photo has only been posted for an hour, it has already racked up over 4,900 likes.

The photo showed the model in a nautical ensemble, which was hard to discern until zooming in on the shot. The top was white with red straps, and the bottoms were bright red.

The bikini top featured a ton of small graphics in navy blue and red. It included sailboats, whales, and anchors. It also had double red straps. The bottoms were high-cut and rested high on her waist. The bottoms also featured red, spiraling threads on the sides.

In the photo, Alexiss played with the top, placing her left thumb in between her cleavage while she slung her right arm behind her head. The model looked at the camera with a coy look, pursing her lips slightly.

Alexiss' makeup included light, frosted pink lipstick and matching eyeshadow. She also wore a small cat eye, along with a little bit of blush.

The model's fans had plenty of nice things to say about the photo.

"GORGEOUS FABULOUS LADY," complimented one user.

"Stunning as always," said a second fan.

Others sent their good wishes.

"Your [sic] just stunning @ashalexiss hope you have a outstanding Labor Day weekend darling!" said a follower.

"Omg so beautiful hope you have a great day," said another follower.

In addition, other fans focused on the ensemble.

"I NEED THIS BATHING SUIT!!!!!!!!" exclaimed one fan.

"I thought this was a Patriots swim suit! still cute," said another fan.

Sh0wing Alexiss' variety of followers, the comment section was filled with short and sweet reactions as well as longer messages.

"Smokin hot," said a follower.

"Beautiful," a second user stated simply.

Some of the longer comments were more poetic.

"You are part of the sky visible to the eye But you can not touch it you angel love you madly," said a third Instagram user.

"You are a light that will never go dim," said a fourth fan.

While the bikini pic was meant to show off Alexiss' amazing curves, it also served another purpose -- as a promotion for the Labor Day sale for her fashion brand.

Earlier today, the model posted another photo which seemed to be from the same shoot. This time she wore a pink sweater-dress with long-sleeves.

Alexiss seemed to be going for a more casual pose, with her hands in her pockets, and her hair swept to one side, curled and down. Her makeup seemed to be identical as in the bikini pic.