Danielle Herrington Falls Out Of Cutout Bikini

Danielle Herrington appears to be enjoying the good life, and plenty of sun, too. Her newest Instagram post showed her in a skimpy bikini, and it's been liked over 11,000 times.

The update consisted of two photos, both of which were taken in quick succession. The first photo showed Danielle looking towards the camera, while the second one showed her being a little goofy.

Herrington was spotted outside, laying on a brown-and-tan sun recliner. She lay on a white towel featuring pops of bright blue and peach. Meanwhile, her swimsuit was navy blue. The bottoms were a small thong-cut with very thin straps. On the other hand, her bikini top had a sports bra-like style.

But what made her bikini so revealing was the cutout on the top, exposing a bit of underboob. At the same time, Danielle accessorized with a pair of hoop earrings and dark sunglasses.

In the first photo, Danielle placed her right hand on her forehead, almost in a salute. She smiled with her lips closed.

And in the second photo, she threw her right arm into the air, as she pursed her lips. Her toned bod was on full display.

Behind her, you could see a couch and a square table. There was a yellow drink in a glass, which presumably belonged to the model.

Danielle's fans flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the newest photo.

"Flawless Goddess 100%!!!" declared a fan, with plenty of others also calling Danielle a "goddess."

"Absolutely stunning! Bon weekend!" exclaimed another fan.

"Beautiful woman with beautiful body!!" said a follower.

"My dreams : future wife," noted another follower.

Plus, there were plenty of people who referred to Herrington's captions to leave clever messages.

"Anywhere you go the sun shines," complimented a fan.

"Just a naturally beautiful woman. You look so at home in the sun," said another fan.

"Suns out, you're freaking gorgeous," complimented a follower.

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone," said another follower.

But that wasn't all, as there were plenty of other fans that had more to say.

"And yet you're still so heavenly fine beautiful unbelievably sexy as always queen," gushed a fan.

"Beautiful in Blue..." said an Instagram user.

In addition, there were also references to Danielle's achievement as a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition cover model.

"Danielle, I have the swimsuit issue with you on the front, I wish we could meet someday so you could autograph it," said a fan.

"What cover magazine are you trying to get on next??" wondered another fan.