Curvy Yvonne Simone, One Of Glamour's 'New Supers' Of The Modeling World, Shows Off In Revealing Bikini

Yvonne Simone is having what could be the biggest week of her career, and the model is capping it off by posting a revealing picture of herself rocking a barely there bikini.

The curvy model was named this week as one of Glamour's "New Supers," a group of diverse women who are opening up the once-rigid modeling world to new faces. Like Yvonne, many of them are not the conventional, stick-thin modeling look that dominated the industry for decades, instead representing a broad array of backgrounds and looks.

"They represent Senegal, England, and the Oneida Nation. They're immigrants and mixed race," the write-up noted. "They're accidental activists. Together they're ascending not just as curve models, but as supermodels for a new age."

While some of the group are more or less newcomers, Yvonne Simone has already had some international exposure. As Yvonne noted on her personal website, while she was in college she appeared on America's Next Top Model, but said it wasn't the experience she had envisioned. After filming, she returned for her senior year of college and didn't think much about a career in modeling.

But after a few years of working a full-time job in Minneapolis, Yvonne decided to send out photos and give modeling another try. She ended up signing with Natural Models, a Los-Angeles based firm that focuses on women of all shapes and sizes.

"I learned quickly that being in the best shape of your life really isn't necessary to have a successful career as a plus sized model, and I let that go to my head," Yvonne wrote on her website. "I realized I could gain wait [sic], get booked more, and make really great money….a lazy leo like myself shouldn't be told things like this."

The shout-out from Glamour has helped bring viral attention to Yvonne, who on Friday gave her quickly growing Instagram following a very revealing glimpse of herself rocking a tiny bikini.

Though Yvonne is a relative lightweight of the Instagram world with just over 25,000 followers, her following appears to be growing quickly since being featured in Glamour. Her page is filled with behind-the-scenes glimpses of the modeling world, including some of her runway work and plenty of revealing pictures of her rocking a bikini. Yvonne also shows off some of the training she goes through to stay in bikini-ready shape.
More pictures of Yvonne can be found on her Instagram page.