August 31, 2019
WWE News: Jim Ross Reveals Real Reason For Triple H's Dislike Of CM Punk

CM Punk walking out of WWE is one of the biggest controversies in the history of sports entertainment. After leaving the company in 2013, it didn't take long for the "Best in the World" to voice his frustrations with the company. He had multiple issues with Vince McMahon's conglomerate, but one of his biggest qualms with WWE pertained to a backstage beef he had with Triple H.

As noted by Sportskeeda, Punk said on Colt Cabana's The Art of Wrestling podcast that Triple H never liked him. He also claimed that "The Game" was responsible for younger superstars never receiving a main event push. Since his departure, Triple H has said that he has no issues with Punk, but there's clearly no love lost between both superstars, either.

According to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, the rumors that "The Game" never liked Punk do have some substance. However, the dislike appears to be due to physical reasons as opposed to personal ones.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the legendary commentator spoke with Conrad Thompson on a recent episode of his Grillin' JR podcast, where he revealed that Triple H didn't like Punk because his "a**" was "too big" and he believed he looked "too soft" to be WWE Championship material.

When Punk was in WWE, Triple H was still making the transition from in-ring performer to heir to the McMahon throne. When he was a full-time wrestler, "The Game" was known for using his political influence backstage to prevent other wrestlers from taking his main event spot. With this in mind, Ross' revelation isn't hard to believe. The history of backstage company politics are rife with pettiness.

Triple H's dismissal of Punk's star appeal proved to be misguided, though. The WWE Universe still breaks into "CM Punk" chants during episodes of the weekly shows and pay-per-views to this day. Maybe the office didn't understand what made him special, but the fans certainly did.

If Punk ever returns to WWE, it'll be huge -- and his comeback is rumored to be in the works. Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that his agent had reached out to Fox about giving his client a punditry job on SmackDown Live.

At the same time, it's hard to imagine Punk being interested in a WWE return due to all of the bad blood between him and the company following last year's grueling lawsuit, which Punk won.

This weekend, the former superstar is set to appear at the All Elite Wrestling-affiliated Starrcast event ahead of their All Out pay-per-view in Chicago, Punk's hometown. Fans will be eagerly watching that show to see if he makes an epic comeback, but they shouldn't get their hopes up too much.