Lucy Hale Breaks Instagram With Voluptuous Bikini Booty Snap

Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale sent her 24.3 million Instagram followers into a frenzy late last night by putting three bikini-clad curvaceous booties on full display.

Posted to her profile a little over 12 hours ago, the sizzling snapshot features Hale rocking a light pink strapless bikini while sitting on the edge of an outdoor pool in between two unidentified young women who were also rocking form-flattering bikinis.

Her friends, who both appeared to be taller than Hale, opted to allow their long hair to flow down their backs. Hale had her much shorter brunette locks pulled up into a pony tail. With their backs facing the camera, the trio appeared to be dipping their toes in the rippling clear blue water while soaking up the sun.

Unfortunately for her followers hoping to learn who the two females sitting beside her were, Hale's caption contained nothing more than three yellow heart emojis. The comment section also proved to be unhelpful as no one seemed to be able to identify who else might be in the sexy snapshot.

The bikini-clad booty pic was certainly well-received by her followers as it accumulated over 600,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments in a little over 12 hours.

Ruby Rose and Ashley Newbrough were among two of the first to leave comments on the racy snap. Rose left nothing more than a heart emoji. Newbrough, on the other hand, admitted that the photo was future "GOALS" for her.

"That ain't fair," actor Zachary Levi complained in the comments. It was unclear as to whether he was jealous of the scenic view or the three curvy backsides sitting on the edge of the pool.

While the overwhelming majority of Hale's followers had nothing but good things to say about the booty-focused snap, she had one individual who left a very detailed comment complaining about the photo.
"I just don't get the point of these bathing suits if you plan to wear a thong as a bottom, why not just walk around in your bra and underwear these bathing suits are sooooo trashy it's gross... all it does is grab the attention of sick perverts... psh and yet the same women wearing these bathing suits are the same ones crying over how many are calling them hot and sexy etc and they are offended by these guys yet look at what you are wearing."
The opinion caused a bit of drama to stir in the comment section as some applauded the individual for their words while others criticized them for saying anything at all. A few even called the follower a "hypocrite" for calling Hale out for her choice in bikini while admitting that they liked her "as a person" in the same post.A few even bashed the individual by reminding them it was 2019 and Hale could wear and share whatever she wanted on her Instagram profile.