Model Iskra Lawrence Shows Off Her Amazing Curves In Black Lace Bra And Unbuttoned Shirt

Iskra Lawrence has already taken Instagram by storm, and now she has her sights set on the Big Apple.

The plus-size model, who has used her social media presence to grow a huge fan base and build her stature in the modeling world, showed off at The Color Factory Pop Up Museum in New York City on Friday. The Daily Mail published pictures of the 28-year-old model rocking a black lace bra and unbuttoned tiger print shirt at the event, and had some high praise for the British model's look.

"Iskra looked sensational as she showed off her cleavage and flat stomach in the skimpy number," the report noted. "She completed the look with a pair of black leather trousers as she posed up a storm at the event."

Iskra also shared some pictures from the event on Instagram, getting a huge reaction from her fans.

As The Daily Mail's report noted, Iskra is one of the fastest-rising stars in the modeling world, riding a wave of acceptance for women whose bodies don't fit the once-rigid standards of the industry. She was named one of the "shakers" of the modeling industry by Glamour, the report noted, and earns immense support from her fans for her messages of body acceptance.

But Iskra almost never made her break into the industry. In an interview with Grazia magazine, the model recounted how she entered Elle's "Search for a Supermodel" contest and made it to the final, however, she still couldn't find a modeling firm willing to take a chance on her non-conventional look.

"That was my break into the industry – I was doing modeling shoots, doing some fashion shows, but it was very tough for me at that age. I didn't have a typical model body shape," she shared. "I had hips even at that young age, and I eventually got dropped because I couldn't change the way my body was."

Soon after that, though, Iskra got her big break and now has a major partnership with Aerie. She also frequently takes to Instagram to share revealing glimpses of herself and open up about her body insecurities. In one post from April 2018, she showed off her body in a bikini -- cellulite and all -- and told her followers that she would only share real pictures with them, never anything airbrushed or retouched in any way.Those who want to see more pictures of Iskra from the New York City event can check out The Daily Mail's report. More pictures from the model herself can be found on Iskra's Instagram page.